Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Wake up everyone, we dont have time to sleep.

My thoughts on our future.

The Future looks very bright but are we not able to reach it because it is so bright.

Optimism guided by an attitude can do wonders for our community.
Just a thought on the state of the state and its statesmen led me to think of making people realize the true meaning of work.
Itz unfortunate but true that people who live towards the west of us are not like the rest of us. As every one has heard for that matter that an american is an efficient worker.

Why do you think people think so? An evaluation of a solution to a situation provides the answer. Encountered with a problem(requirement,issue,agony,mental tension,BUG) how a person finds or tries to find a solution proves his quality.

The pace can be compromised for quality, but putting your quality time to your effort matters the most.This is called smart work. A step by step process towards the answer can provide you with blueprints of work culture which can be applicable to a person or a group.

Such kind of work culture should be considered efficient when it has the following attributes





If you are able to Follow these golden rules of work you can be the best worker in megarome.
It may be in our genes that we lack the attitude towards these features. Or is it that the population of entities in our communities lack in "these" percentages compared to the others.I mean do we have a lesser percentage of population who have these attributes prediefined. I think we do.Atleast Thatz wat our ouptut shows.

But how do we increase this percentage of our population. This requires us people to work towards a change in the perception of the budding generation by creating more responsibility and self esteem at a very lower age. This would drive them towards an urge to prove their mettle, which would make them ideal candidates for innovation. When you start innovating with responsibility itz like trying to break your record when u run for ur life. Ur ears become red.Why? You are concetrating. This concentration is an art of analysis and the solutional implementation becomes a cakewalk for you.

If we can increase this population which does most of the work ,it will increase the per person productivity by a great margin

ultimateley if we have 1 person smart out of every 5 people,we will reach a situation where we do not need smarter people. All the 4 in the 5 need not work as no work is left behind for them to work on by the 1 smart john.

"Break the rulez of freedom which binds you to those bean bags and volunteer for building a generation which has an attitude,a generation which is smart enough for the brighter ones to go bleaker".

My First Blog

Hip Hip Hooooooooooorayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

Hehe , finally i found time to blogg!!!!!!!!!!!!.I still cant beleive it!!.Wow.
hav been thinkin of doin 4 a long long time.I still rember whem i came 2 blogspot some long time bak(i think wen i read bout launch of blogspot in one of the forums) and creating my id. But unfortunateley hehe i forgot the pass to my id(Thankfully i rembr it). Clicked on Forgot password and it says "Your password has found itz way to your mailboxx" .Woww ,went to y gmail but no password.The i tght mite be in yahoooo. went there beggin 4 password. no go. went to my rediff and hotmail(All dusty). :( still no go. So i realized tat i had given a very flashy email add i created at mail.com( But by his grace,i don rembr even the username) very sad isntit. So i consider this as my first blog after my last blog at my first's next blog..

takin a break...